At this moment you’re probably scrambling to understand what you need to know in order to get into the crypto craze and make some money. Crypto Mania has in one way or another found you and the allure has become too great to just pass you by. You’ve probably had a friend or two tell you how great they’re doing in the crypto market or some new coin that they are about to buy and you want in!

I completely understand how you feel, that was me in 2016, I had full-blown crypto fever and wanted in on the action. A lot has happened from the last market cycle top till today. I’ve learned soo much about the cryptocurrencies, the technologies & people involved, and who I am as a crypto investor, trader, and enthusiast.

I want to share the knowledge I’ve learned with you so you can feel empowered and know more than I did when I first got into crypto. Your journey will be quinine to you but I can guarantee you’ll have a lot of the same questions I had and make the same mistakes most new people into crypto do. Hopefully the knowledge and insights I share with you along the way will make this an easier journey than the one I had.

My mission is NOT to help you get rich off buying the next new coin that comes to market or give you financial advice on what to buy or sell, it’s only to help you understand and see crypto from an informed perspective. To become better able to process all the information coming at you from every direction and give you the tools to be able to make informed decisions on your own.

I spend an unhealthy amount of time every week learning what’s new in crypto so you don’t have to. Most of my days involve examining charts, discussing crypto in various private chat groups, setting up equipment to mine crypto, and when It makes a profit buying and selling crypto. I hope to be able to condense down everything I’ve learned along the way and give you 30-minute chunks of valuable crypto information to help guide you on your journey.

So Let’s get started…